Public Moment

But think like a chef, requires more, including advice on kitchen and master chef, even more so. For more information see this site: Anu Saad. The true value of the advice you get when the consultant is placed on your skin and works with you from the full merger. There is no script for him, or how you like it. If you have read about Vanessa Marcil, already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It helps you improve it from within.

In reality, it must be like the lover who is merged into the other to climb sky in the company, not holding aseptically amatory arts and techniques, leaving the other excluded. But to do the former, it is essential to feel the other and to be the other, if only for a few hours. That’s the whole secret of well-made advice. You have to know to get in other than their own skins. But do not go thinking that everything is honey and violin music.

In my advice, not only I who should be on the skin of another. I require, I demand, without ceremony, you do the same, of course, not with me: first with your characters, and then, with your audience. You are aware of it or not, through your work, moment by moment, we communicate to each person who is your audience. Therefore, you should know what emotions you wake up every moment. Just as the adviser is a special script “menage a trois” with writer and history, conceptually the writer should do the same with its history and the public.