Theotokos Rule

Through the prayers of God I have been a very big help in prayer, in addition to the Psalms, I came for a few years later than had learned of the Theotokos, the rule that reminded st. Seraphim of Sarov: "From reading 150 times the" Mother of God Virgin, rejoice "is a great benefit to man. The Lord showed us how powerful prayer before Him His Blessed Mother and an offering of its assistance is effective in all circumstances. This appeal to the most impenetrable places pointed out: not lying to us possessed, evil heart repeatedly softens and puts to shame not softened and removed, with utter helplessness suddenly fed some unexpected help, and, moreover, with the side on which it was impossible to expect it in any way. Reading 150 times the "Theotokos Virgin, rejoice " wrath of God is rejected, and the best sentence Judge Serdtsevedtsa canceled! On the great boldness! About irresistible Power leveling! Will withdraw from the fire of passion, from the bottom of the fall raises the "Theotokos Virgin, Rejoice" From shoyu prayer did not perish: the sea is not drowned in the fire will not burn, but if Satan hates us, zapnet us the way and sshibet us, and then exalt: "O Virgin Theotokos, rejoice " And , awake, insurrection, tinted radiant, healed the sick soul, polluted with sins cleansed, to make sure Thou snow, the purity of the highest heaven and purest Lordships sunlight. Dead, dead passions, resurrected, quicken delighted with the spirit of Let us sing: Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! "With regard to the current situation, then, unfortunately, despite the great importance of this rule, many do not take it all seriously. And it often happens that the man himself does not read, experienced by this rule and others is not advised.

But there must also be guided advice of the saints and elders. If heavy, then start small – 30 or 50 times, while further increasing the number of times. My opinion – the more people will read the Theotokos, the rule – the better. Assume that the Queen of Heaven has given people that rule in the viii century, and it performed once all Christians, and then forgot about it. Details can be found by clicking Mississippi Development Authority or emailing the administrator. St. Seraphim of Sarov reminded of this rule. Blessing to work around a groove around Diveevsky monastery, the elder asked people to read 150 times 'Theotokos Virgin, rejoice ' – And blessed to perform on a daily basis is the rule.