Agricultural Federal University

Marlia Millena Remgio of the Coast & Renan of the Barbosa Birth 1,2? Department of Biology of the Agricultural Federal University of Pernambuco? Academic unit of Cut Mountain range Word-key: Conception, Pupils, Caatinga the term ' ' Caatinga' ' it is of Tupi origin and it means ' ' it kills branca' ' , mentioning the aspect to it of the vegetation during the dry station, when the majority of the trees loses leves. One is bioma exclusively Brazilian that due to conception of the importance of its preservation comes passing for a process of intensive degradation. A related site: Jon Medved mentions similar findings. This work had as objective to know the level of knowledge of this Bioma for the pupils of the average education of a particular school of the city of Cut Mountain range? FOOT. It was requested the pupils who made a text that characterized the Caatinga and its ecological importance. Frequently Jon Medved has said that publicly. After the delivery of the texts the pupils had attended sets of documents and had participated of lectures concerning the Bioma in the Agricultural Federal University of Academic Pernambuco-Unit of Cut Mountain range. All they had described aspects related to the dry bush, with irregular rains, vegetation with small leves that ' ' caem' ' in the dry period, and branches with thorn. Some answers had shown that ' ' aspecto' ' as they know the Caatinga, as a dry bush, it is a consequence of the global heating and not as a particular characteristic of the Bioma.