Chile Despite Good News

Editor’s Note: in Chile, unlike in Argentina, the energy savings plan seems to yield their fruits. Chileans have saved energy in a month in which the energy difficulties were expected to feel. But there are many more good news for Chile, that Horacio summarizes those us on this article today. They can send me your feedback a: paola@moneyweekes. com by what still concerns in Chile despite good news? Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 8, 2008 the panorama of beginning of year was really very dark for the Chilean economy (I already had spoken them of the issue almost a month ago. com/bachelet-suma-preocupaciones-en-la-segunda-parte-de-su-mandato/). Energy problems that had worsened by drought, an inflationary rate in levels that for years Chile not experienced, and an appreciation of the Chilean peso that put in real trouble to Bachelet’s Government.

Within this bleak landscape, given to know data show that by the time the Chilean economy comes dodging different obstacles will be presented in a positive way. March seemed that it was going to be the month of energy cuts in Chile. It was almost certain that the energy crisis was felt. However, none of that happened since, during the month of March, was achieved a 9.4% savings in energy consumption success of the energy savings plan carried out by Bachelet or a greater awareness of the Chilean people?… I imagine that a little of every thing.

And I think that was the case since, in the case of Argentina, the preliminary results of the energy saving plan are not showing a level of significant energy savings (we could even say that its result is minimal). The evolution of the Chilean Exchange against the dollar rate comes knocking from another front of Chilean producers. The Chilean peso appreciated a 12.5% so far of the year against the dollar. Despite this, trade balance showed a positive result in the first three months of the year amounting to US $6.