Controversy Over PSPgo

Online forced verprellt users the future on the market of portable game consoles has begun. Since one month, a device in the trade, for which there are no games on cassette, CD, or to buy more DVD UMD is with the PSPgo. The online portal for auctions reports on the pros and cons of the latest generation of the PlayStation Portable. Experts consider critically the PSPgo. The video games for the device download users can now directly from the Internet. Carl Jung has many thoughts on the issue. Like the UMD in the previous model, there is no longer external disk.

Thus, Sony disappointed many fans, who had played their old games like on the new device. A total dependence on the Internet makes complicated the operation. So it is, for example, necessary before the game begins, an account at PlayStation Network to log on. The console for this reason is hardly just for smaller children. As regards the appearance, so the manufacturer still adheres to the noble design of the piano lacquer coating. The slider function is new. As with many phones come Control elements only become apparent, after the user has moved the display upwards.

Another weakness of the device shows. The slide mechanism is shaky. The question of whether the device still includes several up and push to turns the user. Which still scores the PSPgo, are their pockets style functions as a Media Center. The device as well as the games for portable consoles were once thought manages pictures, videos and music.