Marketing Director

If thinking about a good gift that you do or do a loved one at Christmas and is also good (for health), nice (by the well that feel) and cheap (you can pay in easy installments) DEPILHAIR has the solution. And it is that of clinical medico-esteticas and laser hair removal chain wants to become the best ally in these times of gifts that now lie ahead. Anything to break the head so things recognized network wants to propose a deal. Anything from headaches to think of gifts for your family or the closest beings. At DEPILHAIR we want to make it very easy to all persons, and more through this time of crisis in which the savings looks much. Why in the face this Christmas we propose a gift so useful and healthy as for men and women both beauty treatments without that money is a problem, says Gloria Rubio, Marketing Director of DEPILHAIR. In addition to a gift wrapped with DEPILHAIR seal will stay like a King or Queen. And is that not only is chosen by something original if not by one more than healthy option.

We thus avoid having to leave running into the street in search of desperate of an original gift and that in many cases killing returning or not liking. Moreover we offer the possibility of financing chosen treatments and pay in easy installments of up to 12 months and no interest. It consult the conditions at the nearest Center, emphasizes Gloria Rubio, Marketing Director of DEPILHAIR. On the other hand the range of gifts that this franchise offers for Christmas is very varied and going to aimed at women and men of all ages. You can choose between the following options: u facial treatments: Peeling, facial Mesoterapias, rejuvenation and luminosity, fills, grooves nasogenian, wrinkles puppet, barcode, lips, cheekbones, Chin, wrinkles deep u body treatments: treatments reducing and anti-cellulite and body Mesotherapy u nutrition: diets, food re-education as brooch of the treatment that you choose to give noted that DEPILHAIR will add a value of the utmost importance.

All treatments are assisted by collegiate physicians and highly qualified staff as well as with the most innovative equipment. Something that we believe is priceless, concludes Gloria Rubio, Marketing Director of DEPILHAIR.