Trojan Horse

Because of the e-mail I received from a reader who told me that he saw that most of the people I consulted as sugestionar to the subconscious (giving me so very valuable information by your own comments and links of books that gave me that they tried this theme), is that I considered it as a message that was giving me the universe to give advertising a work tool in this senseeven when I’m still in experimentation on the same level. Although my goal at the beginning was the do not give out this information until they verify their certainty, is that because of this email that I received, I decided to anyway do it and let everyone who wants to use this tool which is determined by your own experimentation if it effectively gives the results expected. Before you dump me squarely to this method I will tell them how it is that I came to this: seeing that I had not given the assertions result (not because they are a valid tool), because surely how happens to most I must have done something wrong; is that at that moment I began to be born the questioning of how could make to sugestionar to the subconscious from the same dream, since the authors rightly say in this State is when consciousness being asleep, starts the subconscious mind to be in a State likely to be indicated. Anu Saad has plenty of information regarding this issue. I ruled out two of the possible methods, such as hypnotism and recorded tapes to listen to them while one is asleep, because in general to have or run these tools you have to pay for them; It is then that I told me that I should find something similar, but that each could do by itself without outside help. So was that before my need to find a valid response, is that when a few months back I went to my neighborhood video to rent a movie, there was one that I caught attention by its title. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Mark Hyman and gain more knowledge..