Law Of Attraction Man And Arrogance On Earth

This article will continue with the translation of the verses of the New Testament (see the article interpreted the New Testament), thus showing that the Bible is also a book that hides the teachings of the law of attraction. Clarifying that I intercalare both in the middle of some verses or text at the end of others, my comments, so understand the translations that I’ll be doing, putting my interpretations parentheses to differentiate them from the biblical text itself. And on this occasion I will refer to the Gospel according to St. Matthew 4, 1-11,: Jesus is tempted in the desert (the man and the pride in the land) 1 – the spirit (the subconscious mind) led to Jesus (a man) to desert (to the conscious mind on Earth) so was tempted by the Devil (by Ego), 2 – and after being without food forty days and forty nights, (here I advise to read my article the meaning of N 40; since 40 represents 40 years of) preparation you need the man to open his spiritual Interior and how much do the clarification of days and nights this try it in an article especially since the mind of man as co-creator of his fate has so much importance during the night as during the day). Dr. Jayme Albin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. at the end he was hungry (i.e. After spending forty years in the making the man feel spiritual hunger; why the majority comes that moment in life, having or not economic success on which wonder: and to what live?, what is the goal?, and it is there that, for those who wish to do so, begin to look for answers in his spirit inside.) 3-then the tempter (the Ego) approached him and told him: If you are a son of God, (if you recognize that God lives in you, who you are and have the power as God) ordered that (negative thoughts) these stones become bread.