Video Game Classics

Honorable mention: Space Invaders and Asteroids these 2 arcade games were launched in 1978 and helped to start a revolution that is currently still being developed in systems such as Wii and Xbox 360 game and high-tech arcade games that cost much more money than the games of that era, those were the first basic concepts of video game animation. 20 Dragon s Lair 1983 release date, this was one of the arcade games more difficult to play by their difficult missions. It was special for the technique used like nothing seen before, it seemed as if it really had control of a real caricature. 19 Rampage a game of 1986 where three players can play at the same time. You can control a Godzilla, King Kong or the Wolf Man type character and the aim was to demolish the buildings and destroy cities. 18 Tempest release date in 1980, this was one of the first arcade games. We used a line instead of a joystick to control the game offered images in 3D, but the graphics were very primitive. This game was in a bowling alley that we use to get to the quarterfinals and received countless of my brother and I 17.

Other centipede game of 1980, this used a roller ball to control the game. I always remember the characteristic sound of this game and could hear if someone was playing the game at the time which entered through the door. 16 Xevious since 1982, it was a game of vertical scrollbar that controls the aircraft, and can shoot or throw bombs as it proceeded along the course. 15 Donkey Kong Junior this was the sequel to Donkey Kong which was released in 1982. I always liked the original a little better, although this game was really fun and challenging in their own right. You control the Junior who is trying to save his dad Mario.